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BizBox is an paperless business platform, developed by ZZI. It is highly modular and customizible, open to connectivity with other solutions and scalable. BizBox is a web solutions that enables user-friendly paperless business and connectivity with other business partners, without installing additional software.

BizBox provides a simple and flexible user experience. Easy and intuitive web-based user interface allows quick adjustment to a new way of doing business and at the same time offers all the sophistication of desktop applications.

Save time and money with electronic storage of documents, data or other services that we offer.


ZZI is a software development company specialised in Customs Information’s systems development and electronic data interchange solutions. In the twenty years of existence enormous experience and know-how was acquired by providing the business partner integration and paperless procedures for larger business organisations enable ZZI to provide industry specific hosted solutions and services.

The company's competitive advantage also comes from excellent knowledge of a range of information technologies and strong capabilities in the field of big project implementation and application integration in different environments.
ZZI is also active outside Slovenia in Serbia and Montenegro through its subsidiaries ZZI Belgrade and ZZI Podgorica.

Main fields of work:

  • Consulting and custom development in the field of customs information systems, of partner and systems integration projects and of electronic operations services (EDI, e-commerce,).
  • Solutions for system and partner integration, e-document exchange,
    e-document publishing, digital signature and timestamp components,
    e-archiving, customs procedures, e-purchasing, ..
  • Carrying out the hosted electronic operations service .


VEGESA is small company, founded in 1994, and is one of the first private forwarding company in R. Macedonia. it first is that of the forwarding start has developed and implemented its own software freight solution.

By developing software, experts in VEGESA broaden their knowledge procedures for customs, presentation and organize training courses to other shipping agents.


The company was established in 1994. SIMT is a project oriented company. It has a 20 years of experience in the field of information engineering, consulting, design and implementation of solutions.

In each field it has a highly qualified, skillful staff who work on planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and maintenace of the projects. SIMT DOOEL – Skopje at the moment has 20 permanent employees. Besides the employees, SIMT DOOEL – Skopje engages eminent domestic and foreign experts in various projects. Regular maintenance of equipment performed in our company covers interventions of the equipment on the spot or in the premises of our company offering warranty period, depending on the actual needs of the user. Following current trends and taking into account the requirements of customers, our company has introduced a system for 12- hour maintenance.


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