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bizBox facilitates paperless operations with Invoices.
From your ERP (business information solutions) home environment you will be able to issue and receive eInvoices or your transactions can be executed on line 24 hours, seven days a week (24/7).


You can issue eInvoices separately or in package with the acknowledgment of receipt. You will be able to send eInvoices and other documents to any network of the recipient (UJPnet, Slovenian bank environment,
FINAnet, Slovenian commercial chains environment, x.400 international environment and any other) and to receive them from stated environments.

ikona eracuni

Start your paperless operations immediately, ask for your bizBox!

bizBox module for eInvoices management is installed in over 30 Slovenian ERP systems, enabling you to send and receive eInvoices within ERP system you are using. Check your partners dataset HERE.  You can use bizBox autonomously, online, whenever you wish to use it.




bizBox eExchange is based on the exchange network ZZInet, based on EDI standards and has been providing the international business services eExchange since the year 1991. EDI network ensures initial and reliable exchange of different types of standardised documents and supported implementation of various business processes. bizBox has with its solutions, interfaces and simplifications approximated EDI services of exchange and ZZInet network to smaller suppliers, either by the price or accessibility. With bizBox standards, the audit trail, security functions, reliability and interoperability are provided either in the local environment or in the international environment on traditional EDI systems level and eExchange networks.



It is possible to link to the bizBox environment of eExchange by different modes through various access points or connectors. In that way the network can be customized to the needs of enterprise in ensuring different levels of security, automation and traceability of exchange or links. For the user there are available many friendly manual interfaces, free of charge (WEB, Client) with a view to smaller users.

  • Integrated bizBox exchange in the financial applications (partners solutions with integrated bizBox services),
  • eServices (Web services for all bizBox SOAP functions),
  • ZZInet/bizBox client (local SOAP client for the exchange with the signing functions, envelope preparation, local linking, traceability and secure exchange,
  • Message queues (MQ, AQ, MS MQ),
  • Secure transfer protocols - AS2, FTPS, …

bizBox dokumentieDOCUMENTS

bizBox and ZZInet network enable partners to exchange different types of standard and non-standard documents among themselves. Different types of documents for differentiated field of business and branches of activity (eCustoms clearance, eOrders, confirmation of orders, delivery notes, confirmation of delivery, eInvoices,..).

Supported standards and conversions in bizBox environment:

  • eStyle simple and complex (1.6),
  • GS1 BMS,
  • EanCom a96,
  • UBL Croatia,
  • PDFa,,,

The majority of partners do not have the same internal processes and type of documents, therefore we provide interoperability among the partners (assistance in the harmonisation document contents, conversions between standards and formats, harmonisation of processes and assistance in deployment new eDocuments with the partners).



bizBox with ZZInet network provides partners to exchange different types of documents, by which formal paperless business processes can be performed. At the same time control of processes is provided, as well as control of documents standards of structure, monitoring of audit trail and other functions providing for credibility, automation and secure operations among the partners.

In bizBox there are already supported processes:

  • eExchange and distribution of eInvoices
  • eOrders in production and service providing companies, in commercial chains at home and abroad
  • eCustoms clearance (Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, TAXUD (EU Customs Administration))
  • Intrastat reporting (Slovenia and Croatia)
  • Automated reporting in eTax
  • eTax (Slovenia)
  • Synchronization of catalogues for articles and stocks among the partners

Partners may agree among themselves on the implementation of their own non standardized processes or procedures (exchange of data, reports, documents, information, specifications, etc).


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