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eHRAMBA (electronic storage of documents - eStorage) – PLATFORM FOR CREDIBLE PAPERLESS OPERATIONS

eHramba.si was designed in 2007 as a solution for eStorage(electronic storage of documents)of exchanged eDocuments. It is available to the users of ZZInet /bizBox network, as well as to the other users managing this application independently as a support to the internet paperless operations.


Solution and service of eHramba.si with all supporting functions has been certified with the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia since the year 2011. Credibility and authenticity is provided for electronic storage of documents.


Many of the solution providers have recognized eStorage as appropriate for credible paperless operations. Interoperability with bizBox.eu services, ZZInet/bizBox network, document systems ePero and eNvoices (Setcce) and with a large number of ERP solutions is assured.

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solu ehramba pseHramba.si platform provides the tools for collection – entry (mailroom), tracking, audit trail, status management, destruction, search, use and for credibility proof of stored documents. We manage all documents separately and enter them currently via secure paths, system of versions, type of documents and metadata is automated, all entered documents are time stamped, managed by life cycle and by special system of authorization and responsibility. Authorized access from any other location is feasible.

Mailroom or capture

  • Various capture interfaces (scanning, WEB, eServices, mail client, local ERP system and local client)
  • Pre-prepared document types (metadata for eInvoices, work orders, contracts, purchase orders, delivery notes, minutes,…)
  • Time stamping upon acceptance,
  • Responsibility and status management, Storage and use of eDocuments
  • Life cycle management
  • Versions
  • Security, advanced authorizations and the audit trail, entry and use
  • Advanced search - Google like Destruction (by commission) and acceptance options


Extended storage of exchanged eDocuments is tailored for the most simple deployment, automated entry and applicability of eDocuments storage. Capture of exchanged eDocuments (return receipts, orders,…) is automated, the classification plan is customized to the types of exchanged documents and for the access to authorizations for eInvoices exchange. Deployment is feasible without any delay and there is no need for any adjustments by the user.

In that way the users, without any customization of processes or systems, are able to perform their credible paperless operations with Partners.


solu ehramba echartDEPLOYMENT PROJECT

Preparations for eStorage require your involvement to examine your office operations and to specify which documents are currently used. It is very important to know what rules are applied for the documents as regards the issue or receipt of the document, obligation, use, approving and document destruction. By defining document types, document management and obligations the service providers are engaged in classification (documents classification) and signing (persons’ obligations) plans as component part of storage. Our service offers you our assistance and deployment samples that provide ready use and simplification of procedures and business.

Deployment can be easy and quick, regardless to the solutions you are going to apply for entry and review – WEB, document systems, financial applications or any other specific solution (ePero, eNvoices, …)


Start using paperless operations today, ask for your bizBox eStorage!

bizBox module for processing, signing and sending eInvoices is installed in over 10 Slovenian financial modules which means that you are able to exchange your eInvoices within your ERP system. You may also choose bizBox WEB portal for processing, signing and electronic transmission of invoices or you can also use bizBox Excel eInvoice.



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