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bizBox platform facilitates you everything you need for paperless operations with the eInvoices. More than over one thousand Slovenian enterprises use automated receipt and issue, signing, eStorage and electronic delivery of invoices by using bizBox services.  


By transition to the electronic business you will be able to save time,  costs of invoices processing are reduced by 65% and traceability is available during the complete process, from the issue till payment. Data and functions of eBusiness with the partners are available to you and other authorised persons (for example external accounting service) 24 hours, seven days a week (24/7), wherever you are.


Check, bizBox  may be already integrated in your ERP system.

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Do paperless business and ask for your bizBox eMailbox!

bizBox services for eExchange are already integrated in more than 30 Slovenian ERP systems, it means that you can send and receive eInvoices within your system, without copying and manual work. Check set of partners solutions, facilitating automated eBusiness.

If you wish to start using eMailbox bizBox, free of charge, for formal receipt it is required that you register yourself as the user and as the enterprise.  For payable services for trasnmission it can be arranged with bizBox partners which solutions you are using or you can order them at the enterprise ZZI.

bizBox can be your single point for the exchange among the users of bizBox services, Banks, Public Administration and partners abroad.



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You can prepare data for invoicing manually or capture them from the accounting or financial solution you are applying in order to issue the invoices. Solutions (clients) and bizBox services provide for the acceptance of data for the invoices from the local environment in any form, customization of formats, control of contents and design formatting of eInvoices in standard formats jointly with the visualization.

eInvoice in a standard format (eStyle) is formatted from the bookkeeping records and the visualization is added. bizBox solutions facilitate credible drawing up of eInvoice for you.

The majority of financial solutions are already produced by eStyle eInvoice and visualisation. In such case eInvoice is automated accepted from the solutions, signature and attachments are enclosed and packed into the envelope.

If eInvoice should be transmitted to the Public Administration or to other partners, a digital signing is required and attachments must be enclosed and packed into the electronic envelope for sending (data on the recipient of the eInvoice).

eInvoice in such formal form is prepared for sending and storage (XML eStyle provides automated acceptance into the system of recipient and the visualization enables readability and signature identification of the certification authority and time of issue).

Produced eInvoice should be securely transmitted to the recipient. For that purpose eExchange networks are available in order to provide secure transmission to your partners. bizBox services and ZZInet EDI network assure the security of delivery, security, traceability of exchange and delivery within the partners networks (banks, abroad, etc).In such a way and in accordance with the recommendations and legal requirements the audit trail and delivery credibility of eInvoices are provided. Upon delivery the acknowledgement of receipt is transmitted to the sender – delivery confirmation.

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eInvoices must be secure kept for a long lasting period. bizBox provides the simple storage of exchanged eInvoices in the environment of certified service eHramba.si. Filing of documents is completely automated. Our service assures you a secure access to stored invoices by using advanced security policy, as well as the verifiability and inconsistency of eInvoices and other documents.




Protected secure paths of exchange are provided, regardless to their intergration in your solutions or if you are using local bizBox clients for the exchange. Each user, using bizBox services has to be registered as a person and as the enterprise..

The user may manually capture and send eInvoices by applying Web services or bizBox client. Automated acceptance of eInvoices into eExchange is already provided from the majority of business information systems (partners solutions), directly without the export, import and manual work.

Identification of the recipient and sender, type of document and routing with the rules of exchange is performed in the network for eExchange. During the exchange itself all events – the audit trail are logged, from sending to accepting. Upon the document transmission to the recipient acknowledgement of the receipt is drawn up as the advice of receipt.

If necessary, during the exchange process also the format can be customized to the document, visualization can be combined, the document can be electronic archived, routed to the other network and information on the events in the network is provided (ALERTS).

eExchange management and traceability are arranged through the local client, Web services or Web bizBox eMailbox.

Upon the transmission – acceptance of eInvoices in eMailbox of the local client, local solution or any other network of exchange formal acknowledgement of the receipt is transmitted to the sender and the audit trail is provided. Automated receipt under the secure paths and integrated acceptance of eInvoices are available in the overall business information systems.




Each user of bizBox eExhange is in the position to receive in the user account credible eInvoices and other eDocuments, free of charge. Mode of delivering eDocuments depends on the users requirements. Delivery of the partners eInvoices (also from the other networks) may be performed in WEB eMailbox, directly to the financial solutions (partners solutions) or through eExchange client.

Acknowledgement of the receipt can be transmitted to the sender upon the acceptance, or additional acknowledgement of the receipt can be delivered in a case of refusal, liquidation, payments or of any other business events, processed in the invoice.

bizBox eMailbox is the Web interface providing registration for the bixBox eExchange, easy and transparent review and acceptance of exchanged eDocuments and shortly storage of exchanged eDocuments. Additional review and traceability of eExchange is available to all registered users, as well as to the users of integrated solutions.

If the business user needs the uniform system of exchange with the different partners in the Public Administration, enterprise sector, at home and abroad then bixBox eExchange is considered to be an ideal solution. Interoperability and exchange are provided for the following fields:

  • Public eServices: eInvoices (UJP RS (Public Payments Administration of RS), Fina HR (Financial Agency, Croatia, etc),), eCustoms Administrations (FURS/Financial Administration of RS, UC CG/Customs Administration of Montenegro, UC MK/Customs Administration of Macedonia, UC RS/Customs Administration of Serbia, CU HR/Customs Administration of Croatia), eTaxes (FU RS/Financial Administration of RS),eOrders at home and abroad (GS1 BMS, EanCom,…)

Secure and traceable acceptance of eInvoices from the network is provided upon delivery. In the case of applying partner solution eInvoice can be automated accepted into the internal records and on the other hand it is possible to export manually documents, envelopes, attachments or perform the visualization. For the acceptance from bizBox network partner has to be registered in the network, whereas the receipt itself and use are free of charge.

Storage of received eInvoices

Storage of eInvoices in eMailbox is assured for a short period of time in line of the acceptance. Lodging process into long term eStorage is completely automated. According to your needs you can decide on payable certified storage and in that way you can ensure yourself paperless handling of all input eDocuments.

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All your invoices are secure and for a short period of time stored in eMailbox bizBox. You can also use service of a long-term certified eStorage (eHramba.si). Secure access to stored invoices by applying advanced security policies is provided, as well as verifiability and irreversibleness of eInvoices and other eDocuments.




Capture and lodging of documents is carried out automated through the different systems (Outlook, eExchange, business information solutions, etc) manually – scanning through partners or eHramba.si interfaces, providing settings of eStorage. Lodging can be done individually or in package.

Search and secure use of the document is necessary for the user in various processes, solutions, locations and devices. The advantage of eHramba.si platform is the availability of use in all solutions of the user, mobile or local and at the same time it is done by credible and controlled manner.

During eStorage itself all events of the use and document modifications are recorded – the audit trail is managed. For each modification of the documents, not being only the attribute, the new version of the document is stored or added.

The documents with expired legal time of storage may be and in some cases have to be destructed (i.e. due to the protection of personal data). It is necessary to carry out inspection of all expired documents and destruction must be ordered and performed by the commission. Destruction of the audit trail and existence of the document must be provided.


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