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Paperless - Event 23.3.2017 Grand Hotel Union

In a free consultation on a paperless bussines experts from companies Avtenta, Marg, ZZI, Cetis and Telekom Slovenia stressed the importance of user experience and familiarity with clients and presented new solutions.

Sergei Nejc Gorišek from companies Madwise is initially spoke about the importance of user experience and what we can do for a better user experience (UX) "Make sure that your software supports business processes in the company. Employees are satisfied with the application or causes them more stress than good? Do you feel the tendency to automate and optimize business processes to better achieve their goals and business objectives?"

The hardest part is to convince the customer that something does not need

According to the belief Darko Jagarinc from the company Avtenta today in the market place great things that are very exciting. In recent years, much new has happened: the regulation in the field of personal data has become fiercer, increasing confidence in the technology, the introduction of e-invoices is forcing all businesses in e-commerce. "Ten years ago we talked about paperless operations, as there is a problem in the paper. Today the paper is not really the problem," he said and pointed to the challenges, as seen in the company: how has added to optimize performance, how to collect more and more data on operations , understand, and apply for a breakthrough at home and abroad, and how to achieve that employees are best used and new technology and seize on new opportunities. These issues, however, touch on the challenge of how to coexist at the time of mixed document management business and how to fully rely in the digital world, in the right way, without duplication, bottlenecks or losses.

Mojca Skok -  presented solutions for paperless operations and highlighted the party to which they are particularly proud: "At Adriatic Slovenica have switched to paperless operations as a whole, not just to buy technology, but people actually also changed their habits. "the challenge Petra Frankla, Director and Editor in Chief of Daily Finance, on what is most important in their work, he jumps highlighted knowledge of the customer and added:" the hardest part is to convince the customer that something does not need. "



Grega Bernard Marg presented innovations and prospects in the field of mobile digitization and served with some data: "Recent research shows that in 80% of the world 'deskless workerjev', which do not have adequate IT support. The world is a few trillion of mobile phones. "He also pointed out that users expect that the service will work in the manner and with the technology that we know at home, on social networks and mobile solutions presented  by Marg.

As Google Translate

Rok Bojanc from ZZI underlined the needs and challenges in the introduction of digital networking with partners and long-term electronic storage. "Only in the field of e-invoices there are more than 400 standards," the importance of standards, among other challenges highlighted Bojanc. As a rule, the role of the regulator and various industry associations that represent the standards. But the problem is that many standards. The solution, in his view, the concept of total solutions in which the provider performs conversion standards - like. Google translate.

No longer merely printers

Simon Golob from the Cetis, company known primarily as a printing press, but many other things, outlined the main reasons for the conversion of paper to electronic format, digital mailroom and document covers the main advantages of the entry point. With regard to the latter, he pointed faster and reception. handing over information to improve the quality of information, lower operating costs, and enable traceability and regulatory compliance - such acquisition is keeps an audit trail of the document throughout the entire process.

IT as a monthly subscription?

Primož Kučič of Telekom Slovenia presented the vision of Telekom Slovenia on the IT-ROM as a monthly subscription: "We wanted to introduce a new approach to IT in the Slovenian market and in this respect we have been making" Disruptor ". Of course, we did not find hot water, but we have quality infrastructure. " He also presented some measurable advantages of managed technology: according to a survey IDC use of managed services can lead to a 88 percent reduction in unplanned downtime of servers and network infrastructure, 21 per cent reduction in the cost of IT infrastructure, as well as 42-percent increase in the productivity of IT staff. In addition to the stake refunded only five and a half months.

Kučić highlighted some of the key trends that are for the next 5 years, predicts analysis house Gartner, among them also forecast that by 2020 the Internet of Things increased need for storage only three percent. This means that the data is of high commercial value, collected via the Internet of things, from the standpoint of storage remained quite manageable. He concluded by emphasizing the advice and at the same time that companies are already thinking about what will their business over 20 years.

The event was organized by the Academy of Finance in cooperation with companies Avtenta, Cetis, Marg, ZZI and Telekom Slovenia.



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