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Why do some companies overcome everyday business challenges with ease? How do they manage to do things faster, more efficient and with more satisfaction for their customers? What separates us from success?

Theory tells us to optimize our functions, lower our costs, increase control, improve satisfaction of our customers and success is guaranteed. So why are you still using classic, manual means of sending document, post office and paper archives? Is development or purchase of additional applications expensive, are you familiar with all the options, is the law is too complex?


Take the next step to obtain competitive advantage. With ZZI solutions we enable you to make immediate transition to paperless electronic business internally and with all partners. Paperless electronic business offers you flexibility and better performance. In comparison to paper documentation, costs can be lowered up to 90 % depending on the extent of integration of electronic business.

  • Automatization of tasks; document printing and manipulation , filing, franking, sending, registration in ERP systems – extent of this kind of tasks can be drastically reduced or eliminated in whole
  • Reduced response time; electronic documents are exchanged instantaneously. Process automation enables almost instantaneous capture of data in ERP systems and simultaneous validation data, quantities and prices, etc..
  • Information accuracy: exchange of information is performed based on standards know to sender as well as reciver. This ensures accuracy of interpretations unrelated to nationality or company activity. Possible typical errors are automatically eliminated at the entry of data and prevent incorrect interpretation of telephone orders, illegible faxes, loss of documents, etc..
  • Cost reduction: Automatization of tasks, reduced response time, error elimination and paperless business contribute to efficiant and drastic cost reduction.
  • Control and safety: Electronic documents allow control over transactions and introduction of additional messages and statuses, such as delivery reports, payment statuses etc. Use of network with added value provides complete control over the process of transmission, document status, etc..


There are some preconditions for successful transition to paperless electronic business. BizBox is a platform that provides safe and reliable production, distribution and storage of documents and messages:

Standardized communication language

We enable standardization in communication with other partners and systems in exchange with advanced conversion, regardless of the type or structure of the document of the user (EDIFACT, XML, eSlog etc…).


We provide tools and interfaces for integration, preparation and reception of messages for the user.

Communication Network

We provide advanced network with added value (VAN) which is based on the most modern technology and equipment. With advanced management and control users are allowed to safely and securely exchange electronic messages and trace messages within the network.

System for long term storage of documents

With the advanced electronic storage system we take care of the statutory compliance of storage and lifecycle management of documents (time stamps).

services CAPTURE


services PREPARE




services RECEIVE


services STORAGE


Advanced functions of ZZI network provides support for different processes in business. Our solutions are intended for small as for big companies. Due to opennes and flexibility of platform we can implement your requests quickly, particularly in the field of:

  • trade and logistics with support of the processes in the supply chain
  • production, in the process of purchasing and inventory management
  • E-countries, in the field of business with the customs and reporting to statistical offices.


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In the field of information exchange technologic solutions we provide you a powerful communication infrastructure (VAN) based on the most modern IT equipment with advanced management and control of systems.

Our aplications developed for easier preparation, conversion and forwarding allow integration of messages of different standards. Our communication technology ensures safe and reliable delivery of message, traceability with full control over transactions.

Network openness and support to different protocols of connection allows exchange with any partner, bank, national institution and other networks.

Multifunctionality of advanced archiving of electronic documents makes it more than just document archive. This environment friendy sollution ensures safe and easy document archiving reachable with one click in any circumstance. It resolves untransparent and expensive classic paper archive. Existing information system gain whole new practical value with the easy integration of eArchive web functions.


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