About us

ZZI d.o.o. is a Slovenian high-tech company established in 1991 involved in the development of software and information systems. The bizBox digital services for paperless business operations and integration of business users across Slovenia, the EU and the Western Balkans are provided by 60 ZZI experts and 50 partners.

The bizBox services are provided to over 17,000 companies, which make over 1 million transactions daily within the scope of their e-business.

Milestones towards the bizBox services:

2000 – ZZI offers the EDI electronic exchange services ZZInet for customs procedures

2002 – ZZI offers applications and services for foreign trade

2004 – ZZI expands EDI services by including purchasing and e-invoicing

2009 – ZZI offers the services of long-term certified electronic archiving – eHramba.eu

2012 – ZZI redesigns the ZZInet into a comprehensive bizBox platform for e-business

2015 – ZZI becomes the largest provider of a safe electronic network for e-invoicing in Slovenia

By 2021 - ZZI expands its range of services and apps to logistics, transport, factoring, compensation, financial disclosures, e-ordering, catalogues and so on

ZZI d.o.o.

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