The digital bizBox factoring compensation solution enables the execution of chain and reciprocal compensations between companies, digital operative execution of the process and the automation of compensations, both for small and large enterprises.

It provides overall compliance with the law and all functions required for partner cooperation in compensation processes.

Simplify your overall factoring compensation process and communication with business partners! You can cooperate with over 15,000 business users of bizBox services and be connected to the Slovenian Business Register (AJPES).

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Quick and simple steps towards use

To arrange access to the digital bizBox factoring compensation solution, it is necessary to complete the sample form for the free-of-charge registration of the company on the bizBox portal and then the order form for activation, in which you choose the package that suits you.

The bizBox factoring compensation service is used to carry out the process of compensation clearance. The service may be executed through the bizBox portal or may be integrated in your business system.

Hitro in enostavno do uporabe

All functions in one place

It contains a range of processes and support functions needed for uninterrupted operative digital implementation of compensations via the bizBox portal.

  • Preparation, opening and distribution of a compensation proposal
  • Preparation and publication, approval of the specification of liabilities/receivables
  • Preparation, opening and distribution of a new version of the compensation proposal
  • Unilateral completion of a reciprocal compensation
  • Collection of compensation and specification approvals
  • Collection of requests for compensation changes
  • Monitoring rejected compensations
  • Entry of compensations in books of account
  • Option to cancel an already approved compensation
Vse funkcije na enem mestu

Time is crucial to debt recovery

The process of a chain compensation calls for a great deal of manual work and communication between partners.

The digital bizBox factoring compensation solution makes the process simple, enabling automatic notification of all parties upon any changes and thus faster clearance of trade receivables and trade liabilities.

  • Automatic notifications of changes to compensation processes
  • Automatic opening, distribution and approval
  • Reminders to the parties involved when action is required
As je ključni faktor pri izterjavi dolga

Build up your savings

By way of a digital compensation process, you will increase the company liquidity and economic activity while reducing the risk of receivables.

  • Paperless business
  • Doing work anywhere
  • Automatic distribution and notification
  • Automatic collection of approvals (each link in the chain gives its own approval)
  • The compensation process is transparent and accessible to all system members
  • Possible analyses and reviews

Choose a package that fits you

The digital bizBox factoring compensation solution is available free of charge for all parties involved who do not create new compensations.

Companies initiating (reciprocal and chain) compensation can choose from several payable packages. The packages are tailored to the size of the company and scope of operations.

Basic package

It is intended for all those who seek to be a party involved in a compensation with the option of approving, rejecting or requesting a change of compensation.


Basic features are always free.

The package includes:

  • 1 user access for the company
  • E-mailbox for formal acceptance of e-documents
  • User support by email
  • Notification of promotions
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Advanced package

Upgrade the basic package with all functionalities needed by your company.

Tailor the package to your needs.

The package includes:

  • Basic package+
  • Multiple user access option
  • Preparation, creation and new version of a compensation
  • Customisation of visualisation
  • Reminders to the parties involved
  • User support by phone

Automatic distribution of compensation proposals to system members and non-members

An initiator need not deal with whether the other parties involved are registered members of the bizBox system when opening a new proposal. The initiator deals only with the process rather than with whether the proposal will be delivered at all.

Samodejno razpošiljanje predlogov kompenzacije članom in nečlanom sistema

Complete factoring compensation list

Users who are members of the system have a full overview of the compensation status being executed in one place.

The execution of compensations has been made simple for the user by way of the so-called to-do list, which shows compensations that call for action.

Celotni seznam kompenzacij


By activating reminders, the initiator no longer needs to call upon the parties involved, by phone or email, to approve or reject the proposed compensation.

After opening it, it is possible to set the system to send automatic reminders to the parties involved that have not yet reacted to the proposal.

The system ensures the receipt of reports on the reminders sent and successful transmission statuses on a daily basis.

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