The e-directory of recipients provides an overview of information about the receipt of e-invoices by companies included in the bizBox system and related networks, providing information about electronic exchange users in their environment.
Tax number Company name Company address Network IBAN Accepts
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The bizBox e-directory

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The bizBox e-directory provides an overview of the basic information of organisations included in the bizBox environment and related networks.

Search parameters include name and tax number. If a partner is already in the bizBox e-directory, information is displayed about the name, tax number, network and options for the transmission and receipt of e-documents via the bizBox network.

The e-directory also includes an overview of e-invoice recipients from the Slovenian public administration environment (UJPnet) and entities subject to public procurement in Croatia (FINA) and Serbia (eFAKTURA).

Preveri svojega partnerja v e Izmenjavi
Integration of partners in electronic exchange

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