The bizBox B2B tools

The bizBox tools are intended for end customers and providers of business information solutions to facilitate the use of bizBox services and support the EDI or eSlog standards.

All users of the bizBox platform have access to free-of-charge bizBox tools.

By registering, you gain the opportunity to use the portal applications to generate e-invoices, integrate with systems, check, approve and visualise e-documents, convert between standards, use the e-directory and so on.


The bizBox web portal and tools

Free-of-charge e-mailbox

The electronic mailbox for electronic exchange allows you to review, accept and track the incoming e-documents. You can also issue and send e-documents.

We offer a single web interface and short-term storage as well as connection to the bizBox exchange for all exchanged documents.

The service integrates all methods of exchange with partners irrespective of the processes, documents and types of communication.

The use of the bizBox e-mailbox and the receipt of e-documents are free of charge for all companies.

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E-invoicing app

The web application for issuing invoices and implementing a process of exchange with partners makes the preparation, signing, receipt and approval of e-invoices simple. It is intended for issuers who use no business applications and are serviced by accounting firms.

The tool is available to all registered bizBox users. Outgoing electronic transmission is payable.

  • Standardised e-invoices in eSLOG 2.0
  • Automatic visualisation of XML in PDF
  • Link to your accounting firm
  • Supported operations at home and abroad with the public administration and business partners
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The bizBox tools help simplify electronic exchange

The bizBox users may simplify their operations using online tools that are intended to facilitate integration, meet the customers’ requirements, use e-documents and conduct electronic exchange. We also strive to facilitate integration with your environment and processes.

The use of verified e-documents provides automation while reducing operating costs and the number of errors.

  • Creation of e-documents – preparation and generation of e-documents – e-invoices
  • Validation of e-documents – checking the technical accuracy of an electronic document – link
  • Invoice visualisation – preview of an XML document in a graphically readable format – link
  • PDF Signer – components for the digital signing of PDF documents – link
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Directory of e-mailboxes

In relation to the management of a company profile, the bizBox e-directory allows you to search for the addresses of your partners and makes the automation of electronic exchange simple.

Without formal validation, it provides a simple search and selection of a partner you wish to do electronic business with.

The e-directory also includes addresses of electronic exchange recipients in other networks, such as banks, the public administration, etc.

  • The e-directory for the exchange of e-documents
  • A directory harmonised with the public administration and banks
  • A single view of domestic and foreign partners
  • Integration of the e-directory in your apps
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The bizBox mobile app

The bizBox mobile e-mailbox provides free-of-charge monitoring of electronic exchange and the receipt of e-invoices and other e-documents (order forms, delivery notes) to all bizBox-registered companies on your phone.

If you are a registered user of the bizBox e-mailbox, download the mobile Android bizBox app free of charge and start using it straight away.

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Features of B2B tools

  • Free-of-charge online tools for the manual use of the bizBox electronic exchange
  • EDI implementation without investing in expensive and complex tools
  • Safe and transparent e-business with partners
  • Support to the eSlog and EDI standards and compliance with the legislation
  • A wide range of documents, API and other services for integration
  • Consoles for monitoring and managing the exchange