Paperless business

Paperless business environment

The bizBox cloud platform combines the services of paperless electronic operations in and between companies, offering a wide range of tools and technologies.

The bizBox platform boasts quality, compliance and openness of the system.

The e-business services and interactions between companies must support standards, data and process security, integrity, and integration with other solutions and services, while providing quality support to users.

The bizBox services are included in over 50 apps and services offered by more than 40 partners in 5 countries.

Wide range of e-business services

The bizBox platform provides a single interface and services to access a wide range of functions and compliant paperless operations in a cloud. The bizBox platform is based on messaging and service architecture.

It is set up modularly based on standards providing the connectivity and customised use of various bizBox services in random combinations and for various purposes.

The bizBox services are tailored to support specific processes (such as e-ordering and logistics), but may also be used independently (e.g. the e-archiving service and electronic exchange).

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The bizBox electronic exchange network

The secure electronic exchange network ensures a reliable exchange of business documents and various B2B processes. This is a basic bizBox messaging infrastructure for the safe and reliable delivery of electronic documents to the recipient.

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The electronic archiving service

This service of compliant certified electronic storage of documents is an important building block of bizBox services and is available to users as a stand-alone service. The infrastructure in conjunction with electronic exchange also features an e-mailbox that provides a single repository of incoming and outgoing documents.

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Single access and use of bizBox services

It provides the uniform management of credentials and joint registration to various bizBox services. The features and rights are kept separately for the user and companies. All accesses and roles are kept uniformly and enable the use of bizBox services through various channels and interfaces (web and mobile apps, program interface).

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Support to B2B processes

We provide services and environments for the implementation and management of business-to-business (B2B) processes and activities (placement of orders, invoicing, logistics and delivery, etc.). The services are supported by advanced registries, master data, directories, process management tools, traceability and control.

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Open platform and API architecture

The bizBox provides open access to electronic exchange and the e-archiving services as well as to tools for B2B processes.

It provides programming interfaces, online services, protocols, message queues and safe channels.

The applications and platforms within the bizBox ecosystem are connected in the same manner among partners as well.

Mobile, online and application interfaces

Interfaces are independent of the bizBox platform and are developed by various providers or integrated in their apps to implement paperless business processes.

The bizBox web portal is aimed at managing services, controlling, and tracing operations and collaborating with partners.

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Tailored to users and businesses

The bizBox platform provides a wide range of advanced tools that provide compliance, optimise processes and function as an access point for paperless business operations.

Continued investments in the development and use of advanced technology and a consumption-based billing model provide small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with a way to automate supply chains and exchange of electronic documents in a manner equivalent to those of large enterprises and systems.

Tools and interfaces:

  • e-mailbox, which combines electronic exchange and the e-archiving service as well as B2B processes with partners
  • tools for converting and controlling e-documents and standards
  • components for signing and logging in
  • tools and clients for issuing and sending electronic documents
  • tools for managing links between the e-archiving service and electronic exchange services
  • recognition services – OCR of unstructured documents
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Do paperless business today!

The bizBox platform is readily available to users through the electronic exchange/e-mailbox services by way of direct registration to ZZI or through partners.


  • The largest electronic exchange network in Slovenia and the region
  • The most widely used service of compliant electronic archiving in Slovenia
  • A single point for credible e-business for all standards and countries
  • Integration of paperless business in your system without new interfaces
  • Simple registration and low usage costs
  • The cloud service in a package with your document or financial management system
  • Quality 24/7 support without additional costs