Electronic exchange with partners in other networks

The users of the bizBox network can exchange documents with over 10,000 partners registered with other electronic exchange providers in the region and globally. Transmission between networks, quality delivery and interoperability among e-document standards are provided in compliance with the global GS1 recommendations and the EU legislation.

In Slovenia, the EU and the Western Balkans, we provide delivery to the public sector and most local networks via the single bizBox electronic exchange point for several types of processes and e-documents.

To set up exchange with foreign countries or other networks, please contact us at:

Advantages of the single bizBox input-output point:

  • A single electronic exchange access point for all your partners at home and abroad and the public sector
  • Fast and simple implementation of exchange with partners in other networks
  • Integrated exchange with foreign countries using the eSlog documents from your foreign trade system
  • Elimination of complexity and the cost of other EDI providers
  • Simple management and support to electronic exchange with partners from various networks
  • A single point for the management and traceability of e-document exchange

Integrated networks

  • Comarch
  • eXite
  • FINA (B2B)
  • FINA (B2G)
  • GXS
  • mojeRačun.hr
  • mojeRačun.rs

  • mSTART
  • Omnizon Networks
  • OpenText
  • Order2Cash
  • Paneton.net
  • SDI (IT)
  • SupplyOn
  • T-systems
  • UJPnet
  • X.400

Is your partner’s network not on the list of integrated networks?