Become a bizBox partner

The bizBox solution offers partners an ecosystem of links, tools, advanced cloud services and interfaces (API) for simple implementation of electronic exchange, EDI, electronic archiving, integrations and various B2B processes.

It provides legal compliance, support to global standards and security in the e-business process between business partners.

By upgrading and automating internal processes, it is necessary to open up to the overall business environment for purchasing, sales, government and banking services.

A single infrastructure, knowledge, practical examples, instructions, testing, maintenance, cross-border operations and acquisition of information from the environment are only a few benefits that you can obtain by integrating bizBox services.

We provide a strong partnership environment, increased added value and cooperation with other partners.

Become a partner

Why integrate in partner apps?

A partner gains an advanced B2B e-business solution, but keeps overall control and account management along with the option of additional revenue.

ZZI company provides a collaboration model and tools for independent management and a partner’s connection to the bizBox services on behalf of a customer.

  • Added value for the user
  • Tools for monitoring and managing services
  • Access to the test environment, interfaces and documents for integration
  • Tools for automatic registration and customer connections
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The bizBox as added value – benefits

The bizBox solution provides uniform paperless company operations and the automation of processes conducted with the public administration and partners at home and abroad.

Together with partners, we provide increased added value to users, reduce operating costs, speed up B2B processes, automate communication with partners and ensure compliance with the requirements of major partners and the government.

Related applications:

  • Accounting applications
  • ERP systems
  • Document management systems
  • Logistics and warehousing systems
Biz Box kot dodana vrednost

Advanced functions – supported processes

The bizBox platform offers a wide range of e-services to facilitate transfer to paperless business operations.

With the basic registration, each user gains a free-of-charge connection and an e-mailbox for electronic exchange to receive and send e-documents from their own apps carefree and via secure electronic channels.

That way, we provide simple use, connection and access to EDI services to all companies irrespective of their size and complexity of processes.

Types of e-services

  • EDI/RIP network and electronic exchange
  • Compliant electronic archiving service
  • Interface (API) and connection system
  • System of B2B processes and audit trails

Supported business processes in partners apps

  • E-invoices
  • E-ordering
  • Logistics and transport – Logchain
  • External trade
  • The bizBox factoring compensation
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Benefits for partners

  • Continuous customisation and upgrades to the infrastructure and functions
  • Investing in legal compliance and adherence to standards
  • Events for partners, news updates
  • Ensured support, advice and integration interfaces
  • A partner may offer the bizBox services to its users autonomously

How to become a bizBox partner?

  • Log in to the bizBox partner support
  • Arrange access to the test environment and choose the e-services you wish to integrate
  • Align the cooperation model and integration method
  • Sign an agreement to obtain a partnership status