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04. Jun 2024

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B2B e-Invoicing in Romania

The law requires the mandatory issuance and receipt of electronic invoices via RO E-Invoice, the centralised e-Invoicing platform.

For invoicing, the law makes this mandatory for all businesses from 1 January 2024, although there is a transition period until 31 May 2024 for non-compliant businesses. After the end of the transitional period, fines ranging from RON 5,000 to RON 10,000 (approximately EUR 1,000-2,000) may be imposed for large taxpayers, RON 2,500 to RON 5,000 (EUR 500-1,000) for medium taxpayers and RON 1,000 to RON 2,500 (EUR 200-500) for small taxpayers who fail to comply with the obligation to issue electronic invoices via the RO E-Invoice system.

How does the RO e-Factura platform work?

The RO e-Factura platform is available from November 2021 for the exchange of invoices with public administrations (B2G) as well as between private companies (B2B). Recipients will have 60 days to transfer their invoices.

Both the issuer and the recipient of the invoices must be registered on the RO e-Factura platform.

The invoices must be created in a predefined XML format in accordance with the RO_CIUS standard.

The maximum time limit for the submission of electronic invoices to the RO e-Factura system will be 5 working days from the invoice issue.

Once the invoice has been electronically transmitted, the platform will assign an identification number to the invoice. The system will perform several document validations, both syntactic and semantic.

Once the validation is successful, the system will generate an automated response and, if the validation is correct, the signature of the Ministry of Finance will be added. This ensures that the content of the invoice has not been altered.

Both issuers and recipients are required to keep electronic invoices for at least 10 years.

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